Do I have to live in the UK?

Our service connects us 100% via text message so we can work clients all over the world.


What does inclusion in the program cost? How long is the average program stay?

Our 2 week “no pain no gain” program is £395 designed to get you moving and organised. Once you complete the initial opening program, you can then continue to our monthly program at £295 for 4 weeks. Here you will stabilise and build.
This program has The level of accountability, communication, and commitment to supplementation and diet as the initial 2 week intro, but with a slightly updated menu. Most clients are on this program for 1-2 months as they reach their goals and become comfortable managing their food and exercise program on their own.

Once at your goal and comfortable, we then offer an ongoing  maintenance program at $110 for 4 weeks.
Here you will only need to send in picture proof of weight, diet and activity each day. This gives you flexibility whilst holding you accountable.

During the program  you will learn how to balance a healthy lifestyle with your  work and move towards being pain free.
By the end of our program  you will feel confident and ready to get back to work fully.

Will I need to buy special foods?

Yes and No depending on your current diet!  I will provide you with easy to prepare cartilage building meals, clean eating menus, and diet advice – You must follow these plans exactly.

You don’t have to be a good cook with this plan! If you can manage chopping, blending, and putting the oven on you’ll pull meals together with ease, and all  from items in you local grocery stores!

This plan is 100% dairy free for the duration . Our “no pain no gain” menu is not vegetarian, but it is gluten free and low LPS.
You will be adding in animal protein for breakfast and/or lunch. You can stick with the proteins you like (turkey, chicken and fish) but we recommend using pea protein and hemp protein.

You can keep this vegetarian if you prefer. We can make you a gluten-free, animal priotein  and soy-free diet as well, but it will take longer for you to get the required results. Please note….You CANNOT drink alcohol if you want the best results!


Will I need to use supplementation?

In todays nutrient depleted and toxic world it is no longer enough to just eat right.
Supplementation is vital in helping you reach your goals. All of the suggested supplements are natural and designed to build bone, cartilage, collagen and help with tissue building. Please consult your doctor before starting any supplement regime.

What sorts of activities will be required of me?

We require 60 minutes of activity each day- 7 days a week. If you are already in shape, it can be a combination of jogging, stretching, yoga, tai chi and  weight bearing exercises if appropriate.
If you looking to get back into work the activities will include walking, playing with your kids, hiking, rebounding, gym, free weights.
You can start at your own pace and build your strength gradually! All I  ask is that you continue to move, build and improve each day.

What if I have a current injury? Or suffer from inflammation?

Our workout and the required commitment can be physically demanding. Please seek clearance from your doctor before signing up.
In the event of inflammation, it is advised to target the causes and supporting diet before taking on any physical challenges the plans may require.

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Wade Tate is the only person on the planet to reverse an aggressive case of rheumatoid arthritis without drugs. What’s more, the damage caused by disease was so extensive it left him crippled. Undeterred Wade would then go on to conquer RA and the damage it had done to his body. Wade now moves free from pain and disease and would like to tell you in one to one life coaching and accountability sessions how you can follow his incredible example and how you can achieve health success.



£ 395 tax free
2 week intensive
SMS support
2 x 1 hour consultations
Diet plan
Supplement package
Fully instructed
Daily check-ins
£ 295 tax free
4 week follow up
Habit building program
Shopping plan
Food diary
SMS support
Progress report
Video Chat access
Text Chat support
£ 875 tax free
10 week plan
All benefits
Video course
Movement advice
Supplement Ebook
Movement advice
SMS Support
Chat support
Video chat access
Diet plan
Fully instructed
Daily check ins
Supplement package
Weekly 30 min consultation