Sexual dysfunction and what to do about it

Sexual dysfunction is a serious medical condition which affects both men and women. Approximately 10 to 52% of men are affected and a staggering 25% to 63% of women suffer some form of serious sexual dysfunction

So please don’t feel like you’re on your own guys!
many of you won’t want to talk about this subject openly because men generally, but we must if you’re suffering.
Erectile dysfunction is going to remain a well hidden and socially unacceptable topic in male circles simply because of the stigma placed around these issues, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn;t accept some form of help from professionals or those you trust.
The figures simply don’t lie, when we look at the above statistics we see there are a huge number of men who are negatively impacted by this condition.

The definition of sexual dysfunction for men is usually contained around the symptom of male impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as a constant inability to obtain or maintain and direction for a satisfactory sexual relations.
An estimated 20 to 30,000,000 men suffer from some sort of sexual dysfunction to varying degrees.

Middle-aged and older men usually suffer more commonly with these conditions but impedance occurs in higher numbers in patients with varying different diseases.For example 50% of men with diabetes melitis suffer from erectile dysfunction

40% of men with arthrosclerosis suffer with erectile dysfunction in men over 50 years old

There are also more common conditions which affect sexual function these might be high blood pressure cholesterol, Diabetes, cigarette smoking, endocrine disorders like low testosterone, pelvic traumas and surgery, prostate bladder and bowel trauma, and the effects of radiation therapy are our also connected to it erectile dysfunction

Here we are talking about simple physical disorders but we also have to take into account a range of psychological disorders which affect our ability to maintain an erection and these are things like depression stress anxiety neurological disorders fear of sex cerebral trauma Parkinson’s disease penal diseases like finances and other organic causes including chronic renal failure hepatic Phalia Multiple Sclerosis Alzheimer’s disease, COPD, Alcohol abuse, sleep apnoea, can also adversely affect sexual potency

Pharmaceutical drugs can also make the symptoms worse therapeutic agents like antidepressants antihypertensive antipsychotics and drugs for diabetes melitis can negatively influence our sexual abilities.

However one of the biggest factors in sexual disfunction is the decrease in hormone levels with age

Within this pages of this website, I will seek to untie some of these complex problems which cause sexual dysfunction and to bring awareness to testosterone boosting plants and herbs which can help increase sexual potency and whole-body vitality this allowing you to have a better more natural and vibrant life in and out of the bedroom

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