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The Benefits of Chinese Thoroughwax

Herbal remedies have been used to treat a wide variety of ailments for centuries. One such remedy is Chinese thoroughwax,  (Bupleurum falcatum) which has been used to treat pain and inflammation for millennia. Modern science has validated many of the traditional uses for this herb. If you suffer from pain or inflammation, Chinese thoroughwax may be able to help you.

How Does It Work?

Chinese thoroughwax contains a number of active compounds, including saikosaponins. These compounds have been shown to significantly increase levels of cortisone and ACTH in the blood. Cortisone is a hormone that reduces pain, while ACTH is a tropic hormone that stimulates the adrenal glands. Increasing levels of these hormones can help to reduce pain and inflammation throughout the body.

In addition to its effects on hormones, Chinese thoroughwax also benefits the adrenal glands themselves. Studies have shown that this herb can help to protect the adrenal glands from the damaging effects of certain drugs, such as corticosteroids.

Other uses  for Chinese thoroughwax

The root of the Bupleurum plant is most commonly used for medicinal purposes.

The flu (influenza), swine flu, the common cold, bronchitis, and pneumonia are all examples of respiratory illnesses that can be treated with bupleurum.

Bupleria is a plant that is used by some individuals as a treatment for digestive issues such as indigestion, diarrhea, and constipation.

It is sometimes used by women for the treatment of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and period pain (dysmenorrhea).
In addition, bupleurum is employed in the treatment of exhaustion, headache, ringing in the ears (also known as tinnitus), difficulty sleeping (also known as insomnia), depression, liver diseases, and lack of appetite (anorexia).

It is also used to treat cancer, malaria, chest pain (angina), epilepsy, pain, muscular cramps, joint pain (rheumatism), asthma, ulcers, hemorrhoids, excessive cholesterol, and other conditions.

What Is The Recommended Dosage?

The therapeutic dosage for Chinese thoroughwax is generally 500 to 2000 mg per day. This can be taken in capsules three times per day, or the herb can be brewed into a tea.


If you suffer from pain or inflammation, you may want to give Chinese thoroughwax a try. This centuries-old remedy has been shown to be effective in treating these conditions thanks to its active compounds saikosaponins. This compound increase levels of cortisone and ACTH in the blood, which helps to reduce pain and inflammation throughout the body. Chinese thoroughwax is also beneficial for the adrenal glands, helping to protect them from damage caused by certain drugs. The recommended dosage is 500 to 2000 mg per day.

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